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Short Drama


Короткий метр

Мы снимаем серию в стиле “Черного зеркала”, если вы заинтересованы, свяжитесь с нами…. блабла блабла блабла блабла бла

Короткоментражный фильм – промо или брендовый фильм  блаы

Just Watch It

Award-Winning Short

Our sci-fi short film is only 4 minutes long but you will never look at the world the same way after watching it.

When a boy is getting ready to sleep, he hears a familiar loving, caring and supporting voice. But what he hears during the next two minutes really shocks him.

Awards and Nominations (сменить)

  • Hollywood North Film Awards (CANADA)
  • Play Film Festival (FRANCE)
  • Accolade Global Film Competition (USA)
  • Rising Star Movie Experience (CANADA)
  • L’Age d’Or International Arthouse Film Festival (INDIA)
  • Uruvatti International Film Festival (INDIA)
  • Indo Global International Film Festival (INDIA)
  • Chambal International Film Festival (INDIA)
  • The Impact DOCS Awards (USA)
  • The Scene Festival (USA)
  • WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival (USA)
  • Believe Psychology Film Festival (USA)
  • Hollywood North Film Awards (CANADA)
  • The Macroproject Film Festival (USA)
  • Cift Festival of Toronto (CANADA)
  • Sweden Film Awards (SWEDEN)
  • Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival (GREECE)
  • Aphrodite Film Awards (USA)
  • Toronto International Women Film Festival (CANADA)
  • Canadian Cinematography Awards (CANADA)
  • ARFF Amsterdam (NETHERLANDS)
  • Global Indie Film Fest (SCOTLAND)
  • Crown Woods International Film Festival (INDIA)
  • Golden State Film Festival (USA)
  • Anatolia International Film Festival (TURKEY)
  • Something Wicked Film Festival (USA)
  • International Women’s Film Festival  (DENMARK)
  • Bedford International Film Festival (USA)
  • International Multicultural Film Festival (AUSTRALIA)
  • France International Film Festival (FRANCE)

The film production is a complex process consisting of many creative phases and if done right, it makes you really stand out. So it’s always about the question, “Do you want cheap or good?”

— Serge Velbovets, Film Director at Velbix Films

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Serge Velbovets is an award-winning film director. Having background in media and journalism, he creates films, documentaries and commercials based on deep understanding of human nature. Having started his career in Europe, and continuing in North America, Serge Velbovets unites in-depth approach to psychology of storytelling, creative visual aesthetics and modern Hollywood trends in film production.

His films played in film festivals around the globe including USA, Canada, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Scotland, Greece, India, Japan and has won multiple awards. Serge directed and filmed in North America, Europe, Australia and South Korea.

Where We Are

We are based in Toronto but we love to create far from home. If you are in USA, Canada or Europe we'll be excited to travel and film at your location.

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Email us at and let us know what you have in mind. We'll arrange a Zoom or in person meeting to discuss details.

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